Matt McCormick

2011 By The Numbers

Another year has come and gone, but before I close the chapter on 2011 I want to take a moment and look back on the last 365 days. Earlier this week I spent some time collecting and analyzing data from several different web services, even hacking together a few data mining utilities, to calculate what exactly I did last year. Here’s a look back at 2011 by the numbers:

Social Networking

I tweeted 1,820 times on Twitter. I made 47 new friends and was tagged in 432 pictures on Facebook. I checked in 2,707 times, earning 41 badges and claiming 7 mayorships on Foursquare.


I created 26 public repositories, created 1,634 commits, and wrote 1,114,918 lines of code on GitHub. I learned 4 new programming languages. I had 6,861 unique visitors on my website with 17,769 pageviews. Here are the top 5 posts from last year:

  1. Install Windows 8 on a Google Cr-48 (1,661 pageviews)
  2. Enable Apple AirPrint on Windows 7 (1,435 pageviews)
  3. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on Windows Phone 7 (526 pageviews)
  4. Developing for Hubot with CoffeeScript, Node.js, and Heroku (386 pageviews)
  5. Install Ubuntu 11.04 on a Google Cr-48 (368 pageviews)


I lived in Michigan, Indiana, and Washington last year. I visited friends and family in Michigan, Indiana, Washington, Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, and Georgia by land and air. I took 10 flights and accumulated 11,976 miles by air. I took 16 road trips and accumulated 7,436 miles by land.


I listened to 19 days of music, with my most popular artists being Mac Miller, Deadmau5, and Daft Punk. My most listened to song in 2011 was Frick Park Market by Mac Miller. I started using Spotify for music on July 14.


I received 14,294 emails and sent 1,534 emails last year. I accepted a job offer with Microsoft, moved to Seattle, accepted a returning job offer with Microsoft, and began a new job on campus at Purdue. I was “officially” enrolled in the Computer Science department at Purdue in January. I spent 365 wonderful days with Libby Puccinelli.

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My name is Matt McCormick and I'm a Program Manager at Microsoft and a Computer Science graduate from Purdue University. I live in Seattle with my wife and our dog and I'm always hacking away on something.